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  • The Trippen experiment
    Contrary to the popular opinion that a company can only be economically successful by ducking its production responsibilities, Trippen proves the opposite: modern design combines environmental friendliness, sustainability and social responsibility.

    Since Trippen’s beginnings in the early 1990s, Angela Spieth and Michael Oehler have remained true to the idea of designing shoes whose individual components can be exchanged and replaced. Environmental regulations and ecological production methods are not only taken into consideration, but have a direct influence on the design. The result is a sustainable product which simultaneously offers the consumer great variety. The collections are designed in such a way that even small quantities can be produced in Germany and Italy at competitive prices. With the exception of Trippen’s own factory, 80 km north of Berlin, all other manufacturing takes place in small family businesses in Northern Italy. This proximity to the production facilities allows attention to be paid to customer requests and simultaneously guarantees a short delivery time.

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